Ep.010: Roy Adcock from SERVPRO Industries Culture and Impact

In this episode, we are joined by Roy Adcock from SERVPRO Industries where we discuss the influence of culture and its impact on team building. Everyone loves a good comeback story, and in this episode, you get a double treat. We dive into the gripping story of how Roy left SERVPRO, found a lack of culture at a different company, and then returned back to SERVPRO Industries. His story serves as a reminder of life’s unpredictability and the importance of embracing change, even when it feels uncomfortable. We also delve into Dion Sanders’ influence and ponder over the thought-provoking question he raised – Can you win without a culture?

We wrap up the episode by discussing culture’s role in branding, the importance of family in shaping teams, and creating an atmosphere of encouragement and restoration. And what’s a conversation without humor? Enjoy a chuckle or two as we share an amusing anecdote as our continued debate encounter with a Stranger Things Star, Ric Flair’s surprise appearance at a hotel, and a creepy antique doll that made an unexpected journey. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a conversation that’ll leave you pondering about culture’s impact long after it’s over.


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Who is Benji Wilson?

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00:00 – Welcome Back
01:40 – Roy Adcock from SERVPRO Industries
06:47 – Empowering Personal Growth and Impact
10:14 – Changing Jobs and Coming Back
19:49 – Culture and Celebrity Encounters
33:06 – Dion Sanders’ Impact and Creating Culture
38:23 – Building a Positive Work Culture
49:20 – Building a Culture With a Want
55:05 – Culture, Branding, and Bowl Games