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Ep.010: Roy Adcock from SERVPRO Industries Culture and Impact

In this episode, we are joined by Roy Adcock from SERVPRO Industries where we discuss the influence of culture and its impact on team building. Everyone loves a good comeback story, and in this episode, you get a double treat. We dive into the...

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Ep.009: Growth, Leadership, and Impact

This week, we're exploring the process of stepping back and allowing others to take the reins, and how this can lead to personal and business growth. We navigate through the significance of trusting people and delegating tasks, and the surprising benefits we experienced as...

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Ep.008: Culture of Business and Family

What if navigating the delicate dynamics of family business could actually be simple, enjoyable, and rewarding? Join us for a thought-provoking conversation as we unpack this challenging issue. We reflect on our recent participation in SERVPRO Convention in Tampa, Florida, the surprising revenue consistency...

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Ep.007 – Mentorship Matters: Empowering the Next Generation

Have you ever wondered how mentorship can transform your life and career? Join us in this eye-opening episode as we share our personal experiences and discuss the power of having the right mentors in our lives. We talk about our journey mentoring entrepreneurs, other...

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Ep. 006: From Burnout to Balance

Feeling overwhelmed and on the brink of burnout? We've got you covered in our deep discussion on how to go from feeling burnt out to achieving a balance both professionally and personally. Join us as we open up about our own experiences with burnout...

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Ep. 005: Faithpreneurship – Business with Spiritual Guidance

What does it take to achieve extraordinary success in both your personal and professional life? How can faith play a crucial role in guiding your decisions and helping you overcome obstacles? Find out by joining us for an inspiring and empowering episode of the...

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Benji Wilson

Living a HigherUp Life! A podcast where we empower individuals in various aspects of their lives including business, church, school, and personal growth. Our aim is to inspire you to make a positive impact on those around you, helping them to reach their full potential and strive towards greatness. Join us as we explore practical tips, real-life stories, and insightful conversations with experts in their fields, all geared towards lifting others up and creating a world where everyone can thrive.